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Travel Themed is a new travel blog that focuses on bringing your travels home. The thing is, despite how much we want to, most of us can’t travel 24/7.


In fact, most of us can only travel once or twice a year.



Travel Themed is a portal that gives you ideas on how to bring your travels home with you. Over time you’ll find this blog filled with ideas for travel themed parties and events, household items and even recipes. This way you can be at home while still having a connection to the travels you love.


Want to learn how to recreate a dish you had in South America? Do you need travel themed wedding invitations in your life? Fancy a better way to show off your travel photos?


I hope this travel blog can become a resource to help you with all of these things and more. It’ll be launching on September 1st, stay tuned!



What you’ll find on this travel blog:

  • Travel themed ideas for parties, events and weddings.
  • Recipes from your travels.
  • Travel decor ideas.
  • Fortnightly articles.


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Written by Lexi
Lexi is an experienced traveler who has visited over 25 countries. She writes about travel themed ideas to bring your travels back home with you. She's an expert on travel themed party ideas, decor and recipes.