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Created early 2019, Travel Themed is a niche travel blog that helps readers take their travels home with them. We help them find travel themed items, ideas for parties, recipes and much more to fill their homes and lives while they aren’t traveling.


If you are interested in working with Travel Themed please send an email to Lexi at



Advertising + Promotional Opportunities


Sponsored Content

Travel Themed accepts sponsored content for promotional purposes and takes pride in all advertorial content published on the website. We are open to hosting sponsored content that will be interesting to our readers and true to our niche.


The content must be:

  1. Original Content
  2. Promotional links only
  3. Articles must be between 500- 2000 words and we reserve the right to use pictures of our choosing.
  4. This will attract a fee as it is advertising.
  5. We reserve the right to remove links after a one year term.



Subject line: Sponsored Content


Sponsored Experiences

Lexi is able to attend sponsored experiences if you think it would be a good fit, keeping in mind this blog focuses on bringing travels home with you. Lexi has worked with over 30 brands when writing for a previous website and is professional in her work.



Subject line: Sponsored Experience


Product Reviews

Travel Theme may be interested in receiving product reviews that are relevant to the them of this website. Please take a look through our archives to see if your product would be relevant first. These reviews may attract a fee.



Subject line: Sponsored Experience


Stock Photography and Video Usage

If you see a photo that you think would work well for your brand, please get in contact. This site does use stock images, so keep in mind that not every photo you see you’ll be able to purchase. Generally, any photo without a credit is taken by the writer of this blog, and is available for purchase.

Please be aware that photos taken by this author are protected under copyright law, and anyone found using these images without my express permission will be contacted by my lawyer to reach a settlement. Images on this website are monitored by two copyright protection sites, which scan the internet for these images. You have been warned.



Subject line: Photo Usage


Speaking & Presentations

Lexi is available to speak on the topics of:

  • Packing & travel style
  • Photography
  • Travel: I have over ten years of travel experience including solo, partnered, group trips and sponsored travel.
  • Blogging: After 3 years of blogging through my travel blog They Get Around (now closed to focus on niche sites), I’ve worked with a large amount of tourism brands (press trips, sponsored content, sponsored experiences) and have a lot of experience in the industry. I specifically have extensive knowledge in SEO and organisation, which is what I focus on in my niche sites.


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Audience Statistics


Social Media Followers: 866

Additional coverage: If relevant content will also be shared to Pinterest group boards and additional Instagram accounts owned by Lexi.


Reader Demographics

Gender: Predominantly Female

Location: United States majority

Age: 22-35